Beautiful Lips With Permanent Make-up And Glowing Skin With Profhilo Our Latest Wonder Facial Treatment//

Gorgeous Lips For Summer Anyone?

Give your lips some lip smacking colour with our lip tint contouring! Choose from a beautiful array of colours that will make your lips appear a little plumper and just that bit more perfect! Lip colour that lasts 24/7

Best thing about this job is doing your own permanent make-up! Why not book your perfectly contoured lips in time for summer!

Have You All Heard About Profhilo?

Skin Treatment Glasgow Profhilo Injectable Moisturiser
The injectable moisturiser that everyone is talking about?

This before & after picture demonstrates how incredibly effective Profhilo is for combating skin laxity, whilst improving the whole appearance and texture of the treated area. This treatment is very effective on the face, neck, dΓ©colletage, hands and arms.

Not our own work, but we had to share these incredible results to show how truly amazing Profhilo!

Book your free consultation and start your journey to more youthful, fresher, tighter, brighter and beautiful skin.

Mothers Day Is Fast Approaching!

Yes, A Beautiful Gift For Mothers Day!Β Why Not Treat Your Mum To An MDB Voucher!

Microneedling & Nano Needling are beautiful art forms which once applied will last a very long time. Conventional make-up is a chore and as you know will smudge and fade throughout your busy day. Permanent Cosmetic Make-up won’t do this at all. Your mother’s make-up will stay perfect looking and intact from the moment she wakes up in the morning till the moment she goes to bed.

A Truly Unique Mothers Day Gift!

“What better treat for your mother than expertly applied make-up that doesn’t smudge or rinse off?”

Here’s what one happy lady had to say when she received her MDB gift voucher

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