Introducing Our New ‘Blade n Shade’ Permanent Brows Technique Developed To Create The Perfect Eyebrow Suited For You!//

New Blade And Shade Permanent Brows Technique Million Dollar Brows Scotland

Blade n Shade Brows

We are delighted to bring to you this stunning new technique ‘Blade n Shade’ Brows, available only at MDBrows!

We have put our creative little heads together and crafted the most perfect brows for each and every one of you lovely people!

In this classy new brow style you will find sumptuous ‘whip shading’ and the finest ‘nano hairstrokes’ available, creating the most gorgeous brow technique yet!

All this at an introductory price of £325! To book your brand new brows just comment ‘me’ on Facebook Here…!


Our Much Loved Hairstroke Brows Are Done With A Digital Machine

Yes our celebrated hairstroke brows are created using a state of the art digital machine! No matter if you have natural brow hair or not, we can create almost any eyebrow style required per our clients’ individual tastes, brow style and facial symmetry!


I never we get tired of my job! Every day I love creating amazing brows! My back hurts and my hand vibrates but I still love it! Have a look at these beautiful, ultra realistic permanent eyebrows. These brows are giving clients a new lease of life and self confidence.

Clients Say They Can’t Imagine A More Perfect Brow!

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