Do I Have A Consultation Before My Permanent Make-up Treatment?

If you are completely sure about having permanent make-up, then just call and book an appointment. We will build a consultation into your treatment time. Before the procedure Mary discuses shape & colour etc. to make sure you are completely happy before she begins.

If you are unsure about having permanent makeup, then a separate consultation can be booked on a free no obligation basis. We can answer any questions you may have and help you make an informed decision.

Why Do I Have To Pay A Deposit To Have An Appointment?

Deposits are essential for every appointment taken. The minimum deposit amount is £50. This can be taken over the phone or brought into our studio. Only after you paid your deposit, will you receive an appointment. We are very busy and appointments are very strictly allocated.

Will My Eyebrows Be Too Dark?

The colours are specially custom blended to match your natural skin and hair tone. We always stay cautious on your initial visit as this allows us room for adjustments at your follow up visit.

We never use black as an eyebrow colour as this is unsuitable for the face unless we are carrying out eye enhancements.

How Would I Know What Colour To Choose?

Virtually any colour can be mixed to complement your natural skin tones. Our speciality is colour theory and I have trained with the best to become a cosmetic colour theorist. Rest assured I will custom blend a suitable colour for your overall complexion.

Is Permanent Make-up Expensive?

Imagine how much it would cost to have your eyebrows professionally applied everyday? Also the cost of cosmetic pencils and brow treatments over the years! Your permanent makeup does not run or wash off, and it’s a great time saver. It’s worth every penny to make the most of your natural beauty.

Clients often comment on how it’s the best money they have ever spent!

Is There A Chance Of Infection?

Safety is our priority. At all times we adhere to the strictest infection control standards. Only new sterile disposable needles, which are opened in front of each client, are used for your complete safety. I am trained at the prestigious Nouveau Contour where hygiene standards are renowned for being the highest in the industry.

How Long Does It Take To Heal?

Between 7 to 10 days, depending on the procedure you had done, and skin type.

How Will I heal?

On the second day after the procedure a light crust will form. This is only dry to touch and will fall off in a few days. During this times the pigment area may look a little darker than you decide upon, once the dry areas flake off it is common for the colour to lighten by up to 30%.

How Soon Can I Go Out?

Immediately! The colour may appear a little darker than usual for the first few days. The crusting is only slightly visible, but usually never really noticeable. With regards to eye and lip procedures, scheduling appointments when you do not have a special occasion may be best practice. This is due to no make-up being allowed near the treatment area.

Can I See Your Council Licence?

It is an offence to treat the skin without a tattoo licence. In order to have a licence, we must have not only provided the local authority with proof of our training and skills, but we will have undergone rigorous checks from the environmental health department.

Do not risk your safety by allowing unlicensed people to tattoo your face.

Can You Show Me Before And After Pictures Of Your Permanent Make-up Treatments?

Always make sure your chosen technician can produce consistent before and after pictures, check if the pictures have been taken in the same environment, as unfortunately there are technicians advertising other clinics’ work.

Can I See The Needle Before We Start?

We always show clients their sterile, single use, sealed needle before starting. This should put your mind at ease.

Training Credentials – You can also check the credentials of the training company of where your tech learned their trade.

Do I Need A Skin Test?

We can offer skin sensitivity tests for clients who have an allergy to metals or to those with severe allergies

Am I Suitable For This Cosmetic Make-up Treatment?

Most people are suitable for this treatment, although we will always provide a lengthy consultation, medical history checks and we will also carry out sensitivity check prior to your appointment.

Can I Bring A Friend With Me?

As long as your friend is over 18 they can wait in reception, we do not recommend friends in the treatment room as great concentration is required to produce professional results.

No children are allowed in the clinic due to the strict licensing laws, prohibiting any minors. Please remember this is medical and cosmetic tattooing, not a simple beauty procedure.

How Long Can I Expect The Colour To Last In My Skin?

This can vary greatly from person to person. Factors such as skin type, colour of pigment chosen for you, sunbed use, medical conditions will all contribute to fading overtime.

We will discuss this with you in person at your consultation, and will be able to give you a better idea of what to expect at that point. The pigment can stay in your skin from 6 months to 5 years.

How Often Do I Need A Colour Boost?

Again fading can vary greatly in individuals, but to keep your brows looking their best, we would recommend a yearly top up.

Is Permanent Make-up A Tattoo?

Yes permanent makeup is a tattoo, we implant pigment into the superficial layers of the skin, therefore it remains in the skin indefinitely. The pigments used are medical grade so entirely safe and suitable for any facial area.

So What Is The Next Step?

If your questions have been addressed and you are happy to go ahead and book an appointment, please have your card details class="py-2 px-4 border rounded mb-2" ready to pay a £50 deposit at the time of booking.

If you are still a little apprehensive and wish to see Mary in person for a one to one chat, then please call us to arrange a free consultation on 0141 889 7013

Cosmetic Make-up Pre-Treatment Advice

Here at Million Dollar Brows we work to the highest standards of care throughout your treatment and we want you to be happy with your experience and results. To ensure this we have compiled a list of guidelines and frequently asked questions to promote good healing results and longevity of your cosmetic procedure.

6 Weeks Before

  • If you have booked an eyeliner treatment, please ensure you don’t have any lash enhancement procedures beforehand as they may result in your appointment having to be re-scheduled and loss of your £50.00 deposit.
  • No chemical peel or exfoliating treatments as this can thin the skin and may cause excess bleeding and loss of pigment colour. May also delay the healing time.
  • No Botox or filler treatments should be undertaken 6 weeks prior to your procedure.

4 Weeks Before

  • Discontinue use of anti-aging products used around the eyebrow area as this may cause excel bleeding and loss of pigment colour. Will also delay the healing time.
  • The use of sunbeds and UVA exposure is not recommended 4 weeks prior to your procedure as the pigment colour will heal darker in tanned skin and the hair stroke design may appear blurry.
  • Eyebrow and eyelash tints are not recommended 4 weeks prior to your procedure as this can affect the colour judgement of your technician.

2 Weeks Before

  • If you have booked for a Lip treatment and have suffered from the herpes simplex virus (cold sores) in the past, we would recommend that you seek medical advice and or treatment from either your doctor or chemist as the procedure can aggravate the virus.

24-48 Hours Before

  • It is NOT recommended that you take either Aspirin or Ibuprofen as these can thin the blood and cause excess bleeding and loss of pigment colour. Will also delay the healing time.
  • The following vitamins should be stopped prior to your treatment: vitamin C&E, fish oils, garlic, chamomile, primrose oil and ginger.
  • Alcohol and caffeine should not be consumed as these can thin the blood and cause excess bleeding and loss of pigment colour. Will also delay the healing time.
  • Please note if you are found to be under the influence prior to your treatment, your appointment will be cancelled and you will forfeit your deposit.

On the Day of your Appointment

  • Do NOT go to the gym as your pores expand when sweating, making it difficult for the pigment to take to your skin, can cause premature fading, and or make the hair stroke design appear blurry.
  • If you have booked an eyeliner treatment, please ensure you remove lash extensions and contact lenses as the procedure cannot be carried out with them in. Remember to bring your glasses for afterwards if needed.
  • No alcohol or energy drinks to be consumed.
  • Give yourself plenty of time before your appointment. Parking spaces are limited within Trident House’s car park and finding a space can be difficult. If you are lucky you can park in any bay that says ‘Trident House’
  • We would advise parking at the Abbots Inch Retail Park which is located at the roundabout. Literally a 3-minute walk from our premises.
  • Do NOT bring children to your appointment. As much as we love them, we are a licensed premise and are forbidden to have children under the age of 18 in our treatment rooms.
  • Remember to bring your signed Sensitivity Skin Test Form.

On Arrival

  • On arrival to Trident House, please make you way to the lifts that are located on the ground floor as you walk in.
  • Million Dollar Brows is located on the first floor.
  • On exiting the lifts continue straight ahead through the double doors on the “Glasgow Wing” Our rooms are the 1st on your right.
  • Pop your head in and let us know that you have arrived! Our receptionist will be happy to offer you a refreshment and ensure that you have completed and signed all relevant information prior to your treatment.
  • These consist of our General Consent Form, Medical Health Form and Topical Anaesthetic Form.
  • Once all relevant information has been explained and signed your treatment area will be “numbed”.
  • A topical Anaesthetic cream, (Emla) is used for the “numbing process”
  • This is applied using a disposable micro applicator.
  • You will then have the chance to sit back and relax until your technician, Mary Spence, is ready to start your treatment procedure.