December Highlights We Bring You Beautiful Eyebrows And Stunning Skin Aesthetics//

Happy December people!

Imagine having brows like these pictured below every single day! Remember these perfect new brows won’t ever don’t wash off, so that’s a real bonus! We create your Hair Stroke Brows using a cosmetic tattooing machine. The machine’s needles are tiny and enable us to inject pigment directly into the upper layers of the skin.

We use colour matched, custom designed pigments unique to you, which are implanted just under the surface of the brow skin. The technique does not go as deep or intrusive as regular skin tattooing methods. Worth noting is the fact that the colour pigments we use in semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing are completely different to the inks used in traditional body tattooing.


Just goes to show the difference a great brow makes

The hair stroke tattooing technique is a lot less traumatic to the layers of skin than that of Microblading. Clients will experience less bleeding and bruising on the brow area. The hair stroke technique can take little longer than Microblading, this is because we deliberately work slowly making sure the colour pigments are implanted accurately.

Don’t You Just Love These Gorgeous Brows


Gorgeous Hairstrokes That Little Bit Bolder

In the video below we can see excellent close-up footage of newly completed hairstroke eyebrows. Clients cannot believe how realistic and nigh on perfect their new eyebrows look, hassle free, maintenance free, brows that most women would love to own!

PlasmaPen is the ideal solution for reducing wrinkles around the eyes, a non invasive, non-surgical treatment with minimal down time AND is far less expensive than surgical options. Call us today and start your journey back to a more youthful and fresher looking you 01418897013/07881026171. Very special offer of a limited time only


Gorgeous lip transformation using 0.55ml of Juvederm to create shape and a little volume. Sometimes less is more.
Treatments are carried out by our fully regulated Aesthetics Nurse.

Treatment: Add volume, definition or to correct asymmetry
Note: Individual results may vary according to metabolic rate & lifestyle factors
Anaesthesia: Numbing cream
Pain: Minimal
Average longevity of lip augmentation: 6-9 months
Technique: Tailored to each individual
Average cost: £150-£250
Initial consultation: FREE
Email: skinaestheticsglasgow@gmail.com


Fat Freezing Proves It’s Merit Again

As this is the time of year for giving, we would like to offer our amazing Fat Freezing treatment at a very special offer throughout December.
1 area £75 (normally £200)
2 areas £100 (normally £250)


WOW How Amazing Is Our New Dermapen™ Treatment

Dermapen™ treatment can rejuvenate the skin for an instant glow, minimizing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and pores.

Treatments : Dermapen™
♥ Purpose : To rejuvenate and tighten skin, treat scars and minimise pores
♥ Results : After 2-4 sessions
♥ Note : Individual results may vary
♥ How it works : Micro-needles cause micro injury, stimulating collagen formation bespoke actives beneath the skin.
♥ Caution : Must only be carried out by a qualified medical professional
♥ Anaesthesia: Numbing cream
♥ Pain : Minimal
♥ Time it takes : 30 minutes
♥ Lasts : long lasting depending on lifestyle and skin regimen
♥ locations: Glasgow/Paisley
♥ Email : skinaestheticsglasgow@gmail.com
♥ Phone : 07881026171


Start off 2019 with the best skin transformation

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