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UPDATE: We Have A Winner!

The time has come to announce our FABULOUS Christmas winner!

Thank you to each and every person who commented and got involved!

We appreciate all the support on our fan page and love the chat from you lot!

The good news is that although we only have one free brow giveaway! We are offering a secret Xmas giveaway to everyone who commented! So keep an eye on your emails, as it will be coming to your inbox shortly!

Have a Fabulously Scrumptiously Festivy Fun Christmas everyone! We love you all!

Oh and the winner is!

‘Donna Conway Drummond’

Please get in touch to claim your brows Donna! x


Of Course You Would!

Imagine having an awesome these shaped brows perfectly groomed and perfectly placed everyday!
No smudging and no harsh pencil marks. Just natural and sat beautifully within the natural brow hair!
To win all you need to do is head over to our Facebook post below and….
(A) like the post, share the post and COMMENT on; Why This Would Be Your Most Awesome Xmas Pressie Ever?

The lucky Christmas winner will be announced on Xmas eve!
Best of Luck Guys!

How Beautiful Are These Brows!

Gorgeous Natural Shape With Natural Soft Hairstrokes
A gorgeous natural shape with natural soft hairstrokes!
This lady had previous permanent make-up but it wasn’t good work and one of her brows was sitting much higher than the other!
We created these beauties by hiding the old colour and correcting the Eyebrow symmetry issues.
Clever what can be done at the Million Dollar Brows clinic!!!!


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