Honestly Wouldn’t You Just Love To Have Eyebrows And Eyeliner That Will Look This Gorgeous When You Wake Up Every Day!//

Mary Gets Her Brows Refreshed And A New Style!

So today it was my turn to get my brows done! I had to get my brows top up done, long overdue as I hadn’t had my colour boost for ages!

Thank you to the lovely Tara for creating these gorgeous, rejuvenated brows!

Speaking Of Perfectly Gorgeous Hairstroke Eyebrows

Look how natural these hairstroke brows look! We can create the thinnest strokes that look super soft.

Super Fine Hairstroke Brows As Natural As They Come!

Can you tell the difference?

Beautiful Eyeliner Styles For A Hassle Free Life!

Did You Know We Have Different Types Of Eyeliner?

We have a lash enhancement which sit behind the lash line! And flick liner which is more of a designer liner.

Which semi-permanent eyeliner do you prefer?

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