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We were asked to feature a few styles of our permanent eyebrow styles. The resulting brows for a client are always completely unique to that individual as we carefully tailor each facial profile to suit a particular shape and style of brow. In all honesty the first and most important part of our cosmetic brow process is in fact pure science and facial geometry.

We don’t pretend or aspire to be great mathematicians!Β but this initial stage of planning and designing your permanent eyebrows is based on balance and symmetry, so yes, we are using exact maths on your face before we even start to apply the hair-stroke tattoos to your eyebrows. Below is a recent selection of some of our client’s brows, from thick and bold to thin and fine, as you can see all the eyebrow styles look completely authentic and suit the person’s face in a very exact and beautiful way. If you want perfect brows, then, yes, you have come to the right place. Thank you for reading.

Super Close-up Of Our Million Dollar Signature Brow Technique


Bold Shaded Brows That Suit This Client’s Facial Profile


Here’s A Live Video Of A Client’s Brows Just Completed

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