Ever Wondered Why Your Eyebrows Only Ever Grow Half Way Back Then Stop?//

over tweezed brows become semi-permanent-hairloss

Have you ever wondered why your brows only ever grow half way then stop?…..

The Scientific explanation part...
When you tweeze out one of your hairs, it disrupts the your hair’s natural growth cycle. Repeated tweezering out your eyebrow hairs in a certain area can stunt the growth cycle semi-permanently, or even cause a condition called Traction Alopecia, a type of semi-permanent hair loss, making it even harder for your brows to regrow. Most of us commonly refer this scenario as ‘overplucked brows’.

It can be a real pain and very time consuming having to draw your missing eyebrow parts back on each day!
If you have fallen victim to the dreaded over plucking scenario are and wondering if you’re brows will ever re-appear, then perhaps our hair-stroke eyebrow treatment might just be the solution for you.

Why not post your brow pictures on our facebook post here so we can give you individual advice absolutely free.

Below is a typical example of a sparse half brow…

Tweezing Brows Disrupts The Growth Cycles


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