Permanent Eyebrow Styles And Your Facial Characteristics//

Beautiful Strong Look Hair-stroke semi-permanent Eyebrows by Mary Spence

Strong Bold Medium Thin – Which Eyebrows Will Suit You Best?

Every Semi-permanent Eyebrow we create is as unique, original and as awesome as you, Β our individual client! When designing your new brows we ask you exactly what you would like, or would want to look like, and most importantly, we will also ask exactly what you don’t want to look like!

Styling A Stronger Looking Set Of Brows: These ladies in the picture gallery above carry off a stronger brow shape due to their facial structure, shape and personal characteristics. What brow would suit your face shape? If you would love to know we can offer you a free consultation and talk you through all things eyebrows! Why not send us a little message! We would love to hear from you.

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