People Often Ask What Is Cavitation And How Does It Work To Remove Fat Cells//


What is Cavitation?

3D Cavitation is a fat removal body sculpting technology which does not require the client to undergo anaesthesia, it leaves no scars, it causes no discomfort whatsoever, there is no down-time involved due to recovery and is the modern, risk free safe alternative to traditional, very invasive liposuction. That last fact should bring a sigh of relief for many readers who might have previously considered actual liposuction, but were put off by the sheer brutality of what was involved with the treatment.

Science has come along way since and especially in the treatment and removal of fat cells. Introducing ‘Cavitation’ the latest state of the art fat reduction treatment and a real marvel of modern technology. The amazing aspect of Cavitation is the fact that clients will see immediate results and over the next 3 days after treatment, will continue to see results as the fat cells are naturally removed from the body.

Client Below Showing Instant Results After Cavitation Treatment


How it Works: Cavitation uses low frequency ultrasound pulses to put a strong wave of pressure on the membranes of your fat cells. The fat cells are very sensitive to this and cannot withstand the pressure. The result is that the fat cells break down and disintegrate into a liquid which is then washed away as part of the body’s natural flushing system. The result is instant loss of fat cells.

Why choose 3D Cavitation?

  • Incredible Instant Slimming Results
  • Permanently Eliminates Fat Cells
  • Non-surgical Alternative To Brutal Liposuction
  • Results Not Dependent On Exercise
  • Safe With No Discomfort And No Down-time
  • Excellent Combination With 3D Cryolypolysis

If you’re jetting off on holiday or have an important social event coming up this summer and would love a body transformation, get in touch! Now that Skin Aesthetics Glasgow is part of Million Dollar Brows we can offer tailored, bespoke treatment plans for fat reduction, cellulite reduction and skin tightening. Your treatment will be carried out by one of Scotland’s most sought after skin aesthetics and fat reduction specialists, Kerry Stevenson.

Wow! Yes Really! How Incredible Are These Results?


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