Weather Proof Permanent Eyebrows Will Never Let You Down Rain Or Shine//


Weather Proof, Water Proof, Hassle Free Brows

Everyone would love to have maintenance free, weather proof or water proof eyebrows. Also at this time of year we would ideally love eyebrows that won’t melt off in the sun. Our clients report that it’s such a relief to wake up each day, either at home or on holiday and know they do not have to worry or fuss over how their eyebrows will look that day. New brows really do save you hours a week in maintenance time. The feedback we receive seems to be a unanimous one. Once you’ve had your permanent brows beautifully crafted, you’ll find the decision you made to have the treatment done in the first place has turned out to be hugely rewarding.

Below are a few examples of the styles and subtle combinations of hair-strokes and shaded powder brows that can be tailored to fit your look and style here at the MDB clinic.

Example Of Perfect Weather Proof Million Dollar Brows By Mary Spence


A Quick Note From Mary On Paula’s Rise To Brow Perfection

I just want to say how proud I am of our new Gold Technician Paula McDonald. She came to train with me a mere 6 months ago, asking to learn everything there was to know about permanent make-up and tattooing eyebrows! She was already a gifted artist and designer very keen to learn the craft, but please! look at her eyebrow work now! I knew from her artwork portfolio that she was already an amazing artist. I thought if anyone was a PMU star in the making, it would certainly be Paula. I can’t believe how much she has proven me right. I’ll be out of a job at this rate! Have a look at Paula’s excellent tattooing skills below, these are our 2 most popular eyebrow styles, also guaranteed to be weather proof brows, wherever you may be!

Shaded Fusion Brows By Paula McDonald



Video Showing Client Immediately After Her Brows Treatment

Finally Some Amazing Weather Proof Hair-stroke Brows


For Guaranteed All Weather, All Singing, All Dancing Gorgeous Eyebrows

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