Creating ‘Vogue’ Inspired Permanent Eyebrows//

Vogue Style Permanent Eyebrows by Million Dollar Brows Glasgow

Creating Permanent Make-up for a person’s face is like being an artist working on a delicate watercolour or a sculptor working on the finest porcelain!
We paint every single face differently, as every face is a very unique canvas.
Our new super realistic ‘Vogue’ inspired permanent eyebrows have been developed at a perfect time when the natural make-up look and a dewy complexion are what’s hot at the moment, especially in the world of fashion, films and popular make-up.
When designing a new brow we look at how your real eyebrow hairs behave and we cleverly mimic and capture that exact look with gentle hair-stroke tattooing.
Messy realistic structure is a classic look that will never age, just like Vogue magazine itself.
Take a look at some of our ‘Vogue’ brows below. With the help of the latest photo technology, we have cleverly superimposed our permanent eyebrow pics onto this Vogue model and given her some Million Dollar Brows that she would be proud of.

Vogue inspired permanent eyebrows by Mary Spence
Message us for more info on what style and type of permanent ‘Vogue’ inspired brows we can adorn your face with;

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