Various Super-defined Permanent Eyebrow Styles From A Soft To An Ultra Bold Look//


A Closer Look At Some Ultra or Super-defined Eyebrow Styles

At Million Dollar Brows we realise people often get the wrong idea of what permanent make-up actually is, whether it be Eyebrows, Eyeliner or Lips. The most common misconception is that they may appear flat, fake, cartoonish, or very harsh looking, just like a regular tattoo on someones chest!

So today we have chosen this great selection of freshly tattooed brows. All the photo examples on the page are clients who have just finished their treatments. The pictures are taken literally minutes after the tattooing.

Super Realistic Ultra-defined Hair-stroke Eyebrow Tattoos


As you can see from the photos, Β each client’s new eyebrows are looking super-defined and yet completely natural. The brows will soften up a great deal as they heal up, which results in the brows looking even more natural.

Super-defined Softer Blonde Brows


The photo examples shows subtle, soft high definition brows all the way to the ultra bold, or heavier styled. That’s because each permanent eyebrow style is designed exactly to suit each client’s individual facial appearance and facial dimensions.

Mature Lady With Narrow Yet Super-defined Eyebrow Style


SoΒ if you are thinking that your brows need some major work carried out, or just need a little lift, why not get in touch and have us apply some of our Million Dollar Brows Magic!

To Show The World Your Eyebrows In Super High-definition, contact us below on the clinic telephone number;Β 

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