Why Not Trade In Your Old Hair-stroke Brows For Powder Mist Brows!//



Pay Just £249 to Revamp And Put The WOW Back Into Your Previous Permanent Make-up! Price For Our Existing Colour Boost/Revisit Is £146.


This Summer The Powder Brow Is Killing It!

For the past few years hair-stroke eyebrows have been way more popular than other brow styles, over shadowing the powder brow and casting it into the shade.
Well no more! 
This summer we’ve given the powder brow a new injection of life which will give your brows a whole host of benefits!

1. Colour will last longer
2. The powder brow can look just as natural and soft as hairstrokes
3. Powder brows can correct old undesirable permanent make-up
4. It’s The Best way to breath new life into old hairstrokes!

Although powder effect brows look intense immediately after the treatment, they quickly heal up and become a beautiful ‘Soft Powdery Mist Of Colour’

View images below of healed powder brows work!


‘Why not breath new life into your old hair-stroke brows with a mist of powder? You’ll be giving them a breath of fresh air!’



For Only £249 You Can Have

Beautiful Powder Mist Brows!

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