Honestly Wouldn’t You Just Love To Have Super Realistic Blonde Eyebrows That Will Look This Perfect For Years To Come!//

We Create Stunning Blonde Eyebrows All The Time

Quote from many clients: ‘I’m blonde and would like blonde brows…. but not to light…. I want to see them….but I don’t want them too dark…. I defo don’t want black! Like all those girls you see!

Check these beauties, client said ‘just a lovely wee set of brows so they are!’

We here you! Luckily we can whip out our artist pallet and custom blend a colour pigment to suit all you blonde bombshells out there! Over the years we’ve given beautiful light and dark blonde eyebrows to 100’s of our clients. Using expert colour blending, tiny realistic hairstrokes and subtle shading, we understand the finer permanent make-up requirements for the fairer lady.

We can even do barely there blonde right up to blonde/brown with a little drama!
So come on all you blondes out there, don’t be scared! Get your brows out so we can see them!

Video Shows How Stunning And Subtle Blond Eyebrows Can Be

We Can And Have Helped Many Women

Many Clients Receiving Cancer Treatments Find Comfort In A New Set Of Brows

Loosing eyebrow hair to cancer treatment can have the most traumatic effect on women.

We have so many people approach us after being diagnosed, wishing to have their brows done.

The feedback we receive is that it’s a life changing experience and somehow relieves the worry of loosing brow hair. We all know how important a woman’s appearance is, especially during something as challenging as cancer treatment.

So for anyone needing advice on whether it’s safe to have permanent make-up whilst going through treatment, or for anything else relating to hair loss conditions, please just get In touch, we are, unfortunately, very familiar with these situations!

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