Beautiful Super Defined Blonde Hair-stroke Eyebrows//

Beautiful Soft Blonde Hair-stroke Brows Image

We would just like to feature this client’s brows today as lots of people have commented on how much they love them, thank you everyone!

These super soft blonde brows are a great example of how the hair-stroke eyebrow technique can achieve incredible realism. It’s still amazing to us and our clients’ how quickly you can transform a person’s face in a matter of hours!

Client’s Brows Before & After Blonde Hair-strokes Are Applied

Before During After Blonde Hair-stroke Eyebrow Tattooing Mary Spence MDB Glasgow Image

Finally A Close-up Picture Of Those Super Defined Light Blonde Brows

Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos Thin Blonde Brows With Definition Million Dollar Brows Image

No Matter What Colour, How Thin, How Thick or Non-existent Your Brows Are, We Can Provide The Perfect Permanent Eyebrow Solution And Make You Feel Like A Million Bucks!!!!

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