Emma’s Sparse Eyebrows Rejuvinated by Mary Spence at Million Dollar Brows//

Emma’s Eyebrows Are Reborn!

This post is about our client lovely Emma, who has been kind enough to tell us why she booked to have her treatments done at the Million Dollar Brows clinic, she was in urgent need of brow help. The left side photo below shows how Emma used to have to draw her eyebrows on, day in day out, and the right photo shows how we have created her beautiful new brows with permanent make-up. We hope you enjoy her little story and feedback on her new brows.

Permanent Eyebrow Make-up Fixes Girls Sparse Over Plucked Eyebrows by Mary Spence Image


“Coming back from an amazing holiday in Cancun, I decided I didn’t want any more hassle having to draw in my very sparse eyebrows, especially having to worry about makeup in the sunshine and heat.

Just like many other females, over the years I had over plucked my eyebrows and they never grew back. Bad habits had meant I’d ended up filling them in but in the wrong place. I would hate seeing a photo of myself due to it, but it was the norm when I looked in a mirror.

I had a Meeting with Mary, a free consultation. She spent time explaining to me what was involved and listening to my worries and concerns. A lot of time was taken to establish the correct size and shape for my face before she got to work on my eyebrow rejuvenation.

Mary provided a very personal and professional service putting me at ease. I was made to feel welcome and relaxed in her beautiful salon in Paisley, just outside Glasgow.

These before and after pictures speak volumes to me, the difference is amazing! The photos show the night before the PMU procedure – to how I am now. I have since received many compliments for my Million Dollar Brows. The way Mary uses her intricate brush stroke technique, most people don’t even know I’ve had cosmetic tattooing done.

For me, it has stimulated new hair growth where I had none and there is no greater feeling than waking up with a face that already has balance, shape and structure.

I would highly recommend this permanent eyebrow treatment to anyone who asks about it. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!

A massive thank you to a very talented and highly trained lady!”
I can’t sing her praises enough, Emma xxx

We would like to thank Emma very much for her kind words and great feedback, we are very grateful x



  • Anonymous Posted 19th May 2018 3:22 pm

    Perhaps the photos are reversed? The left photo is what she used to do herself, and the right photo is the permanent makeup?

    • Mary Spence Posted 20th May 2018 1:42 am

      Yes thanks, we wrote that wrong way round, thank you for pointing that out x

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