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3D Lipo Recommended By Top Celebrities

Love Islands Jessica Shears with 3D-Lipo is promoting ‘Shear Body Confidence’ Campaign with the 3D-Lipo ‘Butterfly Effect’. Jessica is fronting the campaign, raising awareness about body confidence with 3D-Lipo saying: ‘I’m comfortable in my body, but it still seems very natural to be concerned about things that we feel a bit insecure about. For me that’s my thighs and the area underneath my bra. No matter what I do, I find it so hard to tone up in this area.

That’s why I think 3D-Lipo is great as it really hones in on my problem areas and I can already notice the difference. I loved doing the campaign ‘The Butterfly Effect’. It’s the message for ‘Emerge Body Beautiful’ and with 3D-Lipo. It’s like a caterpillar transforming in to a butterfly using their safe and effective non-surgical, total body solution, providing great results’. 3D-Lipo offer award winning non-invasive, non -surgical treatments for skin tightening, cellulite reduction and fat reduction. If you would like to sculpt, tone and transform your body, get in touch.

Signature 3D Bum Lift Results

What a difference! Signature 3D bum lift specifically designed for lifting and smoothing cellulite and working on the outer and inner thigh. Pain free, non-invasive, alternative to surgery and a celebrity favourite. Look at these results below.


Treat yourself to a Pre-Summer boost just in time for your holidays. To find out how we can benefit you and your body, book in for your free consultation with Kerry at Skin Aesthetics Glasgow.

Using a combination of non-surgical 3D-lipo technologies, we aim to improve cellulite, enhance, lift and tone the buttock. Do you fancy a little perky lift for that bikini you might be strutting about the beach In?

3D-Lipo Treament For Stretch Marks

WOW! These results were achieved from one treatment ONLY. The treatment was on the stomach and love handles using the amazing fat freezing technique. We contour, we sculpt and we transform your body. Areas that can be treated are; Chin, Arms, Stomach, Waistline, Love handles, Buttocks, Flanks and Inner thighs.


If you would like to lose inches and transform your figure call us now for a free consultation.

3D-Cryo Chin Freeze Treatment

Cheeky little 3D-Cryo chin freeze in the clinic today following a lovely Dr Obagi Blue Radiance Skin Peel.


3D-Cryo chin freeze can reduce up to 40% of fat cells in that treated area from one single session!

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