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Don’t get into a compromising position with cosmetic makeup

Importance of Researching your PMU Technician. Please research your technician thoroughly before having any permanent makeup done on your face! The number of clients we receive at the MDB clinic who have just had nightmare cosmetic makeup experiences is frightening. This is why we insist you do your due diligence in finding out exactly who is about to ‘garnish’ your beautiful face with permanent makeup, or semi permanent tattoos. We say ‘garnish’ as it might just as well have been the case with one such unfortunate lady. It looked like a healthy dash of balsamic salad dressing had been sploshed all over her brows. We have cases like this come into the clinic on a regular basis. This is what happens when an absolutely unqualified, or very limited experience permanent makeup technician is let loose on a poor, unsuspecting client. The client knows not what they are getting into, why would they? without proper research into the technicians qualifications.

Investigate the technicians history and Look for real testimonials

This is why you should always take time to really look at the proof and pedigree of a permanent cosmetic makeup technician with whom you might be considering carries out the work. With that being said, don’t worry, we have never yet not been able to rectify and beautify a previous PMU botch job! Just please don’t let it happen to you in the first place, cosmetic makeup treatments are supposed to, and do imbue clients with a new sense of  ease and confidence, not dread!

Happy searching and be thorough in your investigations before booking an appointment!

Mary x

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  • Caroline Stapleton Posted 4th February 2016 7:55 am

    Just had my top up done by the wonderful Mary Spence. Again, they’re just as fab as the first time I had them done. Definately recommend this lady.. She’s wonderful at what she does and such a lovely person who talks you through everything she’s going to do and makes you feel totally at ease ☺️

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