Difficult To Manage Low Hanging Eyebrows Can Be Reconstructed To Look Perfect//

Low Hanging Eyebrows Reconstruced Using Hair-Stroke Tattoos


Reconstructing ‘Laterally Canted’ Brows, What’s That?

Have you ever wondered why your brows never seem to do anything to enhance how your face looks? No matter how hard you try and no matter how many attempts you make to spice up your eyebrow’s appearance, nothing seems to work. There’s a name given to such low hanging, hard to manage eyebrows. They are called ‘Laterally Canted’ brows and they are very common. This is where the tail of the brow is much lower than the front, dragging our eyes downwards making it very difficult to pencil in even the most basic shape.

Before & After Reconstructed Laterally Canted Eyebrows

Reconstructing Laterally Canted Bows

Since the change is so dramatic after the treatment, most client’s are over the Moon with the results. This is why we love reconstructing this type of brow. Look at the before and after picture of our client above and you will notice a striking difference in her facial appearance. This was the result of us lifting the brow tail and lowering the bulb area. We are sure you will agree, this is a very attractive and desirable result, not to mention a huge weight off our client’s mind!

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