Even If You Don’t Have Any Eyebrows, We Can Make Them Appear From Nowhere!//


No Brow Hair, No Worries, We’ll Transform Them For You

Some of our clients worry that they don’t have enough eyebrow hair for us to work with. What we tell people to put them at ease is that this scenario is actually one of the most common instances of permanent eyebrow make-up being carried out.

As far as having over-plucked brows, or just very thin brow hair, which most of you will relate to, there is no need to worry, quite the reverse actually! Most of you have been plucking and tweezing since childhood, this is what we love to remedy, a blank canvas if you will.

Most of the time thin or no eyebrow hair will work to our advantage as we will have the freedom to create beautifully shaped eyebrows without being restricted by too much of your existing hair! As you can see in our first example below of a client’s thin brows, the before and after the treatment transformation is astonishing! These results will make anyone happy who is struggling to maintain faint or non existent brows.

Sarah Had No Brows Since Childhood

Our next featured client Sarah, below, had never really had any eyebrows as they never grew in correctly. This is also a common symptom. Sometimes a person just doesn’t have much or any brow hair to begin with.

Sarah told us she had been struggling everyday for years to appear normal, or at least have what looked like actual eyebrows in the first place. Such a Β shame to hear she went through eyebrow hell for years, this was a real confidence knocker throughout Sarah’s teenage years. After her consultation, we decided on a plan of action and set to it. Below you can see the results of her semi-permanent eyebrow treatment here at the clinic.

Sarah's Eyebrows Had Never Grown Properly

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