Who Would You Trust To Have Your Permanent Make-up Treatment Done In Glasgow?//


How Can Permanent Eyebrows Looks This Real?

We hear clients say this all the time, they can’t believe how real their new permanent brows look. There’s also the rather lovely fact that most of their friends and family don’t have a clue they are tattooed hairstrokes. Most people will think you are amazing at applying your own, meticulously groomed and expertly maintained eyebrows, everyday. That makes you look rather talented! The fact that the detailed and skilled hairstroke work has been carried out by not only Glasgow’s finest PMU artists, but 2 of the most respected permanent make-up technicians in the country, will be neither here or there after you brow treatment. We don’t mind that, this what we strive to achieve.

Seriously, you know we don’t like or feel comfortable bragging at MDB, the eyebrows pictured above are our Signature Million Dollar brows developed by our very own Mary Spence, she’s not a platinum elite level artist just by chance! PMU artists around the globe now use Mary’s unique, super real Hairstroke Eyebrow style. So when we ask, ‘Who would you trust with your permanent make-up work in Glasgow, or anywhere else in the UK?, we mean, ‘wouldn’t you rather have your brow work carried out by technicians who have honed their craft and elite level skills to the point of inspiring other technicians around the world?’ CallΒ –Β 0141 889 7013 now for a free appointment to discuss your new, stress free eyebrows. Below you can see another very beneficial side to our hairstroke brow treatment on offer. Many people suffer from Alopecia, over plucked or non-existent brows. We can magically make them reappear!

Brows Restored Back To Their Former Awesomeness!


Alopecia affects so many of our clients, but thankfully there is a solution here at the Million Dollar Brows clinic. Having your eyebrows re-constructed with our signature hairstroke technique will restore your self-esteem and provide you with a huge sense of relief, we see this all the time.

Some Amazing Results From Skin Aesthetics Glasgow

We love, love, love these subtle lip transformations below! Kerry at the Skin Aesthetics Glasgow clinic is achieving these results all the time. In the right hands, your lips can look completely natural and perfectly enhanced at the same time. There’s a big difference between over the top Lip treatments and subtle, powerful Lip enhancement treatments.

We will tailor your treatment plan to give you exactly what you want

Not to sound too cheeky!Β but do you sometimes look in the mirror and wish you had those pert little peachy bum buns? Well look no further our ‘non-surgical’ 3D-Lipo treatment has the answer. Everyone is talking about the Brazilian bum lift this summer. Book in for your free consultation with Kerry and she will help you with your buns, Call direct; 0788 102 6171



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