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Have You Seen Our Most Popular Brow Technique?

With thousands of clients coming in for our famous signature hairstroke technique so far, it is by far our most popular permanent make-up treatment and you could say our best selling service.

Our clients love it because it fills out sparse uneven brows, and makes them fall in love with their brows all over again! Not to mention the massive feel good boost they experience afterwards, it really does wonders for a person’s confidence.

We’ve got lots of pics and video feedback from clients too, VISIT our testimonials page here… if you want to hear more proof from happy clients!


Super Soft Natural Hairstrokes In A Totally Awesome New Shape!

Paula loved creating these brows and so did our lady in the photo. Even sparse and unshapely brows can become dream brows in just a matter of a few hours! One of the best feelings in the world is when your client is in love with their new brows from the second they look in the mirror!


WOW look at the difference great brows can make!


Fibroblast Plasma Treatment Upper/Lower Eyelid Case Study

Here is another amazing example of just how effective our Fibroblast plasma skin tightening treatments are. The procedure is especially effective on the lower under eye area as you can see on this lovely client. She was made to feel 20 years younger after the short treatment.

Our innovative plasma pen combined with comprehensive skin knowledge ensures you have great results! Where there is areas of loose skin our plasma will tighten, shrink, resurface and smooth! Making you feel younger without the need for surgery.

A Comparison Of Before And After Plasma Treatment At The MDB Clinic


OMG look how amazing these Fibroblast results are!

This pretty girl didn’t need much done but look at the difference it has made to her eyes! Her make-up will sit much better, be easier to apply smoothly and she is one happy girl now that her little eyelid folds are gone.

Subtle changes are worth doing as much as the drastic ones, the effect seems to be the same for all clients, very happy with their new, fresh skin tightening. This lovely client came for help because she was unhappy with the excess skin and wrinkles under her eyes.

Our Fibroblast skin tightening treatment works wonders, making short work of loose skin and lines! Now our client has beautiful new baby skin, just look how smooth they are!

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