Permanent Brows Will Make Your Eyes More Beautiful//


Yes, perfect brows do make for very beautiful eyes. They are also very low to no maintenance and will cause a stir wherever you go. We would like to feature some permanent eyebrow styles from this week’s lovely ladies who graced the Million Dollar Brows clinic and put their trust and faith in us that they would leave the clinic feeling like a new person. They certainly did, here are our favourite pics from recent brow work carried out.

Imagine waking up with these beautiful brows everyday! This lady will. She loves them and we creating these beauties for her.

Beautiful Natural Defined Hairstrokes Are Our Speciality


Super Gorgeous hairstrokes make this lovely lady look 10 years younger.Β A case of Hair stroke brows stealing the spotlight again!


Bold powder brows are also very gorgeous,Β popular and super classy. On show below is our popular powder brows style dazzling on a recent client!


How About These Super Real Larger Fuller Hairstroke Brows That Look Amazing

Fuller Bigger Permanent Brows That Are Totally Realistic

Did You Know Actress Helen Mirren Is A Great Advocate For Permanent Brows?

We were thinking that if Dame Helen Mirren has had her brows tattooed, then shouldn’t everyone be getting their brows tattooed?
Excerpt From Article – Helen Mirren has revealed her secret to her age-defying looks, admitting she has got her eyebrows tattooed on. The actress, 72, said she was ‘fed up’ with her sparse brows and confessed she has noticed a ‘huge difference’ in her confidence since undergoing the Microblading procedure Read more here…

Here’s A Video Of A Client To Finish Off The Bold Permanent Brows Theme

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