Full Colour Permanent Lip Blush Creating Million Dollar Lips!//


Client Talks About Her New Million Dollar Permanent Lip Colour

Lip Colour Client Feedback;

Thank you to my girls at million dollar quarters for producing my gorgeous new lips! Although they look super red immediately after, believe it or not these will look like a nice pinkish lip tint in a few days. Just need to remember to drink through a straw, no spicy food, and absolutely no kissing! I’ll post pics of my healing! So exited

Watch Mary Spence Finish The Permanent Lip Colouring Treatment

Some Pics Of The Lip Colouring Process Being Applied By Mary Spence


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  • Fiona Mclean Posted 20th February 2018 8:08 pm

    Hi interested in lip tatoo as natural as possible colour .. how much would this be approx please

    • Mary Spence Posted 20th February 2018 9:21 pm

      Hello Fiona, thank you for your enquiry, Our Lips treatments are £475 & £495 depending on whether you have the full Lip colour or contouring ect…
      If you call the clinic on 0141 889 7013, we can discuss exactly what you will need or want to have done to your lips.
      Here is the lips details page for your info – https://milliondollarbrows.co.uk/permanent-lip-liner-lip-blushing/
      Thanks again, we are here to help, Mary Spence x

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