Are These Brows Not Perfect For Any Day Of The Week? Plus Has Glasgow Discovered The Best Acne Cure Yet With PHFormula Skin Treatment At SAG?//

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Hairstrokes at MDBrows is what we do best!


Friday brings the beginning of this lady’s brand new powder brow journey! Good things happen to people with really cool brows! As you can see in the video below, her powder style eyebrows look completely stunning! You maybe asking, what’s the difference between Hairstroke brows and the Powder/Ombré brow effect? The powder brow technique has been around for decades, it was ok, but for years was a bit rough and ‘do it yourself’ looking. Now with the Nanoblading method, the real make-up or powder effect is even more realistic.

The ombré powder fill method still requires that your PMU technician applies thousands of tiny dots of colour pigment into the skin. This gradually builds and creates the full bodied, misty powder effect using your chosen colour. It also defines the shape of the new eyebrow. As per all, or most permanent make-up procedures, clients will usually come back for their powder brow colour boosts between 12-18 months.

Acne Cure Results A.C.1 solution By PHFormula


Outstanding acne skin resurfacing results achieved with the A.C.1 solution from PH  Formula. How amazing is this? Kerry at skin aesthetics Glasgow can, and will gladly offer you this wondrous acne and problem skin condition treatment, the best to come out of modern scientific research yet.

Ph formula…there really is no other way. This fabulous result was achieved for one treatment using Ph Formula’s hyperpigmentation protocol by Ph Formula. How incredible is this? This treatment is based on a course of 6… can you imagine what the end result is going to be like.

We are so proud to offer this truly amazing treatments at our clinic. Book in for your free skin consultation and you will never look back,  find out how we can help restore your beautiful skin, and let your confidence shine through.

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