Second Featured Post Of Perfect Eyebrows For Any Day Of The Week Plus Footage Of Just Completed Powder Brows!//

Semi-permanent Eyebrow Clinics Glasgow East End
Here’s some more gorgeous brows being featured in our ‘Perfect Brows For Everyday Of The Week’ series. This is a selection of very recent permanent eyebrow work we adorned various clients with. As you can see there are two of the most popular styles of semi-permanent brows, our nanobladed signature hairstrokes and the ever striking powdered brows.

Permanent Brows Falkirk Mary Spence

Hairstroke Brows Hamilton Nanoblading Glasgow

We Love Our Colourful And Stylish Ladies, Especially With Their New Brows!

Both styles are completely natural looking and will have everyone you know commenting on how gorgeous your brows are, and how did you become such a great artist? Can we thank you in advance for being such a great canvas that we brow artists can create amazing new eyebrows on!
Joyce Fogg Hairstroke Brows Client Review Million Dollar Brows

Featured Client Review Joyce Fogg recommends Million Dollar Brows by Mary Spence.Β June 22 at 4:05 PM – Love love love my new brows by the lovely Million Dollar Brows by Mary SpenceΒ highly recommend she knows her stuff and such such lovely lady.

Signature Hairstroke Permanent Brows Mary Spence Paisley

Permanent Eyebrows East Kilbride Glasgow

Powder Brow Style Client Video

When weΒ  carry out the Powder Brow technique, your eyebrows will look like perfectly groomed and immaculately styled natural brows. The PMU world also calls this stunning brow style, ‘The Ombre brow’. Yes even the name has the same VAVOOM! as this bold yet soft style.

How it’s done – We deliberately create a darker tail end to the brow, while slowly and gradually applying a fading effect that looks totally natural by the time it reaches the thick beginning of your brow. This technique produces a very subtle look which you and everyone else will love!

Powder Brows are perfect for clients who already fill in their brow hair, you know that tiresome daily chore that having permanent powder brows will get rid of, for a very long time! You are going to love the ‘Ombre Powder Brow’ solution!

Have a look at our gorgeous client in the video below, a very happy powder brow wearer!

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