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Classic Signature Hairstrokes

Just look at how amazing our clients look when they leave the clinic! This lady was very happy to see her new ‘Classic’ Signature Million Dollar Hairstroke Brows by Mary Spence.

The Hair-stroke Eyebrow Tattooing technique produces the most natural looking and realistic eyebrow tattooing results. No one will know you have eyebrow tattoos. At Million Dollar Brows we are able to create completely realistic and perfect looking eyebrow hair that will spare you hours of frustrating maintenance first thing every morning.


Or Would You Prefer A Stunning Set Of Ombré Brows?


Look At The Beautiful Flawless Skin Underneath?

This medium-depth peel is perfect for tackling acne, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles or for maintaining healthier, younger and fresher looking skin.


We love skin and everything about it and we want you to love your skin too.

Book in for your free perfect peel consultation by contacting us below

Natural but full lip augmentation?

Kerry Stevenson Our Aesthetics Nurse Will Ensure That We Get It Right For You



Every person is an individual and therefore, every lip treatment is completely tailored to that individual.
You may want volume, definition or both but want to keep them natural looking or want luscious full lips. Whatever the desired look, we can help you achieve this. Get in touch via CALL Now Button Below, Facebook or Instagram for more information on treatments, products, prices or latest deals.

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