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Fabulous At 40 Makeup For Mature Women Scotland

Listen To What This Lovely Mature Lady Says About Her New Brows!

Your Eyebrows are crucial to your appearance and facial identity. After a lifetime of plucking and trying to manage your brows on a daily basis, nightmare! they can become sparse, tired, uneven, non-existent or just wrong! There was a phase in the 70s and 80s when women had to have the thinnest brows possible, suddenly overnight this trend changed and women were encouraged, by Hollywood, to have big thick, natural looking or bushy brows. Certain celebrities were famous for wearing these giant brows on screen. If I had a pound for every woman who has said to me ‘I don’t want those huge big caterpillars those young ones have’, I’de be a billionaire!

So by age 40 and older, your eyebrows have probably been through the wringer a million times trying to look right. At million Dollar Brows, we have many over 40 and older ladies who have hung up their ‘brows boxing gloves’ and handed over this pernickety chore and hard work to their PMU artists. We have the experience and the skills needed to save you countless hours of struggling with your ‘eyebrow architecture’.

It’s completely normal these days for us to see more and more mature women come to the the MDB clinic for their free consultation. They tell us that they found us after going online, typing in a search such as ‘Permanent Brows Glasgow‘, ‘Microblading Glasgow‘, or ‘Permanent Brows For Over 40s‘. They did their own research. They Studied our ‘before’ and ‘after’ eyebrow pictures on this website and on our social media profiles. They decided that Mary Spence was their preferred permanent make-up practitioner. They then booked an appointment for their free, no obligation consultation.

We strongly advise that clients carry out their own due diligence when searching for a PMU technician, that they should check out reviews, client testimonials, the experience and the qualifications of that particular PMU artist. Rather than going into all that, why don’t we just show you a recent testimonial video from a very happy client of ours who sums it all up in the most eloquent and gracious way possible. So without further ado and with a big thank you, let’s hand it over to Elaine who gives the final word on beautiful brows for all of us over 40….

Be The Best You’ve Ever Been!

Our Fabulous at 40 plus campaign has been launched as Mary Spence herself hit the ripe young age of 40 last year herself!

Permanent Eyebrows For Over 40s

Mary is passionate about feeling and looking her best now more than ever. She is also determined to help you look your best going forward!

Make-up Glasgow Scotland

Take a look at these amazing mature ladies in our picture gallery below. You can see how beautiful and classy their eyebrow transformations look! Proving that life really does begin at 40. We believe this is the perfect age to start to look the best you ever have!

These ladies have done it! Now it’s time For you to look younger! Feel amazing and experience the joy that they felt when their confidence started to bloom again!

Our Fabulous at 40 Campaign Will Give You The Perfect Brows
Befitting Of A Gorgeous Mature Lady?
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