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Don’t you just love these Eyebrow transformations? The Million Dollar Brows technique ensures that the new semi-permanent brows are in keeping with the clients own natural shape. It will appear to the onlooker that you are sooo good at putting on your own brows!

The Hair-stroke Eyebrow treatment lasts around 2 hrs when you come to the MDB clinic. Your actual treatment appointment will be booked at your initial 30 minute free consultation. We take our time to get to know you, your existing brows, your personal tastes and your facial shape.

Pain Level is very low during an Eyebrow tattooing treatment. Using advanced topical numbing creams and specialised techniques, most clients experience very little discomfort, quite a few clients even fall asleep during the procedure!

We are very experienced and skilledΒ in working with the brows you already have, we love to take their usually faint or sad condition and enhance them to a natural looking perfection. Your brows will still look like you, just much much better. Another important point; at no time are you asked or is it necessary to shave your brows, repeat, You DO NOT have to shave your brows off!

Feathered brows last 12/18 months

Save Time! No need to pencil your brows in every morning!


We will leave you with an excellent example of how amazing these Eyebrow transformations can be for a person. Featured below on our YouTube channel is a testimonial from one of our client’s. It shows her priceless reaction to her just completed brows transformation. We think you’ll agree the video speaks for itself!!!!

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