Beautiful Bold And Stylish Ombré Eyebrows Are Getting Very Popular Worldwide!//

Ombré-Brows with-structure-and-no-gaps

We Can Change Your Brow Styles To Ombré

This lovely lady pictured below came for her annual colour boost appointment. We managed to persuade her to opt for a brand new Ombré Style Brow, instead of re-colouring her original hairstrokes. She trusted our opinion and advice, which was that she might suit the Ombré brow style much more than her existing hairstrokes.

In the end she was super delighted with her new Ombre Eyebrows. We have to admit we absolutely loved doing the eyebrow style changeover for her.


Ombré Brows will heal much softer than they first appear after treatment and will have a seamless front.

Permanent Ombré Brows Styled by Mary Spence

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