Training at the Nouveau Contour Headquarters

Learning Areola and Nipple Reconstruction tattooing technique Image

It’s been a long and emotional day at Nouveau Contour headquarters, I’m sharing some fascinating examples of how we can create Areola and Nipple reconstruction with the latest tattooing techniques. 1 in 4 of all cancers occur in the breast with 1 in 9 women being affected with this disease resulting in the loss of the breasts. With these amazing new techniques we can create the illusion with 3d tattooing, simulating the real thing, restoring confidence to woman at the end of their treatment. If you or you know someone who would benefit from this treatment please get in touch on 0141 889 7013, as I’m looking for models to complete my portfolio x



  • marion Posted 29th October 2018 1:40 am

    Hi, I have had a double mastectomy and nipple reconstruction. I have had nipple tattooing at the hospital but the lady doesn’t do it anymore and the tattooing has faded. Do you do nipple tattooing I can’t seem to find anyone who can help me? if not do you have any suggestions?
    kind regards
    Marion x

  • Mary McCulloch Posted 26th April 2019 6:29 pm

    I had a single mastectomy in july 2017, have just had my other breast up lifted
    I am looking to get a nipple tattoo on the reconstructed breast . Can you help me?
    Thank you

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