Are All Permanent Make-up Technicians The Same!//

Not All Permanent Make-up Technicians Are Created Equal!

Did you know that not all permanent make-up technicians are the same? When you choose to have your eyebrows tattooed, you should choose on the basis that you have heard about their reputation,  viewed their pictorial galleries online and been inspired by their skills. A PMU technician has a verifiable reputation, like the work that a technician produces, you would be naturally drawn to a particular technician,  just like you would be drawn or attracted to a painting in an art gallery.

Mary Spence Administers Her Signature Hair-stroke Eyebrows On Client With No Eyebrow Hair Before Image

Permanent make-up technicians are unique, just like artists and we have our own unique way of working. With that being said, the above picture shows a beautiful bespoke set of brows in progress and the picture below shows the finished eyebrows. Each Hair-stroke is specifically placed and takes lots of skill, patience and years of dedication to confidently administer.

Mary Spence Hair-stroke Eyebrows On Client With No Eyebrow Hair After Photo

If you would like your brows done by one such technician with years of experience and global recognition within the PMU industry, then;

Don’t hesitate to call us at Million Dollar Brows on 0141 889 7013 xx


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