Putting Our Client’s At Ease Before Drawing On Their New Eyebrows//


I love writing these little informative posts on an evening after returning home from yet another very rewarding day at the MDB clinic. Anyway… all of you lovely ladies, or gentlemen! who are booked in to have your brows done at the clinic might possibly be feeling a little anxious or apprehensive about your up and coming appointment. We find the part of the eyebrow tattooing process that tends to get clients worked up the most is when they first arrive and we begin to measure, design and then draw their new brows on.

Usually you’ll look at me and think I’ve lost the plot and wonder why I have just drawn a large ‘Scouse Eyebrow’ across your forehead! It is absolutely crucial to get the brow drawing stage right from the start. That’s why sometimes the pre-drawing stage is always way more intense, which can throw some people off balance! I’m afraid it’s all very professional seriousness at this stage as we need follow precisely these drawn borders to ensure we get an accurate shape. As you can see in the image below, when tiny hair-strokes are placed within the new drawn template, something wonderful starts to happen! ✨✨✨


So please have no fear when you feel like escaping via the clinic window, remember we would never design a brow that didn’t suit your unique facial characteristics! We know what suits you, we are artists. We also would never begin your treatment without you being 100% happy!

And The Results Are Well Worth All That Artistic Fuss!


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