Exciting New Permanent Make-up Treatments Plus Our Unique Futuristic 3D Eyebrow Simulator That Lets You See Your Eyebrows Before And After Your Treatment Is Carried Out!//

Blade and Shade Eyebrows Look Smouldering Mary Spence

Introducing Our New 3D Brow Simulation Technology!

Oh yes it’s here! And it’s unique to Million Dollar Brows. We have the technology folks!

Would you like to know what your brows will look like before you commit to the treatment? Of course you would. We’ve waited in anticipation for years for this futuristic, clairvoyant brow technology for a long time.

Permanent Eyebrow Simulation 3D Technology Million Dollar Brows

With the help of some top level programming geniuses, we have developed a way to show you just how your brows will look before any treatment is started. We can now show you the shape, the colour and the over all design of your gorgeous new eyebrows, before you can say, ‘I don’t Know’ How amazing is that? The 3D Brow Simulator is available for you to experience when you book your free consultation.

So what are you waiting for? Book your free consultation with us and we can show you just how ‘blade and shade’ brows can change your life for the better!

Introducing Our New Permanent Eyelashes – Perma-Lash

Permanent Eyelashes Glasgow Scotland New Perma-Lashes Million Dollar Brows

Luscious Perma-lashes available now at the clinic, only we do it the million dollar brows way!

Our new permanent lashes are a bespoke blend of sexy and sumptuous colour, which is permanently implanted behind the lash area. This will create the illlusion of a thicker lash line. Your beautiful eyes will be framed and highlighted like never before!

Never get caught out with bare eyes again, with this seriously smoking hot eyelash look!

Available from £225! To reserve your perma-lash appointment, Call 0141 889 7013

All In One Ombré, Hairstroke And Powder Brows Combined!

All In One Ombre Hairstroke Powder Brow Style Combo Permanent Brows Mary Spence

With all these permanent brow styles and techniques out there, it can be a tad confusing which style to chose.

Why not just go for them all! Yes, you heard that correct! We can combine the 3 most popular semi-permanent eyebrow styles on the planet into one beautiful ‘Combination Brow’ style. This stunning combination of techniques enables us to actually create an eyebrow style that’s even more unique. These beauties put an end to all that indecisive mind chatter you might be having!

Think about the world’s best permanent brow styles combined into one! These brows feature the beauty of Hairstrokes, the intensity of Ombré shading and softness of our subtle Powder look! What more could a woman want?

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