Fabulous New ‘Ombre Eyebrow Technique’ Coming To MDB In October//


Soft Diffused ‘Ombre’ Brows Coming To Million Dollar Brows

We are very pleased to announce that starting in October we will be offering our clients the option to have a very famous, and new eyebrow technique developed by PMU artist Rita Romo. Yes coming to the Million Dollar Brows clinic and nowhere else in the Scottish region is the fabulous ‘Ombre’ brow technique.

The Ombre eyebrows have a soft powdered body and light fluffy diffused edges, which creates the ultimate brow shape and design. This eyebrow style looks very unique and attractive, as you can see in the above picture.

Here’s another example of the Ombre Brow technique below!



The photo above of these beautiful soft Ombre Eyebrows is the skilled work of talented permanent make-up technician Rita Romo, the photo appears courtesy of the Baltic Brows website.

Our new Ombre Eybrow service will be available from October at the MDB clinic.

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Soft Blonde Hair-stroke Eyebrows Featured Photo

While we are on the the subject of the soft eyebrows look, let us show you a featured picture of one of our clients who has just had her Soft Blonde Hair-stroke Brows created using the finest needles and the highest quality pigments. These highest quality colour pigments are custom blended to suit your skin type and colour.

Soft Blonde Hair-stroke brows

Soft Blonde Hairstroke Eyebrows by Mary Spence Image

Look closely at the photo above and you will see all the intricate detail that lovingly goes into every set of million dollar brows. The lady in the picture above had absolutely no natural eyebrow hair left at all. This shows that even in the worst case scenarios of clients having over plucked or completely ‘vanished’ eyebrows, you can still have a beautiful new set of brows created which will give you back your self confidence, and save you a lot of ‘do it yourself’ make-up hours in front of the mirror!

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