Some Client’s New Brows Looking A Big Bit Awesome!//


Low Down Eyebrows Moved Up To Frame Eyes Better

Pictured above the lady had eyebrows that were too low and thin for the shape and contours of her facial features. Using the hair-stroke technique and some exacting PMU science, we moved her brows up to balance everything and frame her eyes correctly. As you can see she now has the perfect eyebrow look!

Super Natural Definition Creates Awesome Eyebrows



Another Amazing Eyebrow Transformation Example

What an amazing brow transformation we experienced today with this client’s brows pictured below. Here are a couple of great shots of the eyebrows before and after the treatment. Your Eyebrows don’t always behave themselves and sometimes they naturally sit too low on the brow bone, giving the appearance of your face being dragged down. Waxing and tinting won’t solve this problem at all! Only permanent make-up will do the trick. On this occasion we moved the brow up a little higher, brightening and opening the eye area up significantly. We think our client looks like a new woman. We wonder if her husband will notice!

Low Brow Before Treatment


After Eyebrow Treatment


Eyebrows on Point

Please watch this happy client testimonial video below. We were very moved by herΒ joyousΒ and enthusiastic reaction upon seeing her new eyebrows for the first time, thank you x

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