Finest Nano Needle Hair Stroke Brows Training Scotland With Mary Spence//

Nano Needling Hairstroke Brows Glasgow
Million Dollar Brows Presents Our New One on One ‘Nano Brow’ Workshop

For experienced technicians wishing to take their hair stroke brows to that next level!

Nano needles create the finest hairstrokes giving the most natural and beautiful looking eyebrows possible!

What’s The Difference Between Nano Needling & Microblading?

The Nano Needling technique, sometimes called Micropigmentation, uses a needle which is designed like a conventional needle device, but it’s a much cleaner process of tattooing. Nano needles themselves are barely the size of a human hair and have just the right flexibility. The Nano needle protrudes a mere 0.75mm outside the pen cartridge. This makes the application of the correct amount of pressure much easier for the technician. It helps us to create the perfect crisp hairstroke brows for our clients. When the Nano needle is dipped into the colour pigment, vibrations pull the pigment up into the cartridge. The colour pigments can then be applied gradually from the tiny needle into the skin in a very controlled way.

The Microblading Technique or Eyebrow Embroidery as it’s also called, uses a small, sharp instrument containing 10 to 16 fine needles which are configured into a blade shape that deposits colour pigments directly into the client’s skin. We have to leave the pigment on the skin for several minutes once the cuts have been made. After the pigment has been left for a few minutes to allow maximum absorption, anaesthetic is applied immediately afterwards making sure the treatment is virtually painless.




Have a browse through the images for a step by step look at how we create perfection!
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Learn From One Of The World’s Best Technicians

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