At MDB Microblading In Glasgow Will Be Changing To The Nanoblading Technique For Even More Realistic Permanent Brows
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Nanoblading Glasgow Scotland Million Dollar Brows

Introducing Glasgow’s New Nanoblading Technique

That’s right, Nanoblading is the new permanent eyebrow technique taking over from Microblading! Since we are always at the forefront of new permanent brows techniques in the UK and Scotland and are the ‘go to’ clinic for Microblading in the Glasgow area, it’s a pleasure to introduce you to Nanoblading.

We thought we should let you know that this now means we will also be known as central Scotland’s ‘go to’ clinic for Nanoblading. We would like to extend a guarantee to clients nationwide that we will be there for you as the UK’s and Scotland’s premier Nanoblading clinic.

It’s all good, as far as our lovely clients are concerned, since the Nanoblading technique can only make your super realistic permanent brows more realistic. It’s a win win for us all and know that we have you covered for all things Nanoblading in Scotland going forward.

Microblading Glasgow permanent or semi-permanent brow technique

What is Microblading? – Microblading is the permanent, or semi-permanent brow technique that creates fuller, natural looking brows – has been creating such a buzz in the beauty industry for the past few years, but it’s reign as queen of the brow techniques looks to be in question due to a new more precise variation called ‘Nanoblading’

What is Nanoblading? – Nanoblading is a new brow treatment that uses ultra-sharp nano needles that can actually mimic the diameter and dimension of a real hair in the skin”, it is a form of cosmetic tattooing that is placed into the top layer of the skin into the upper dermis.

How is Nanoblading different from Microblading?
Put simply, it’s Microblading but with super fine, flexible needles which uses a digital machine instead of a manual tool.

Microblading the permanent semi-permanent brow technique

Microblading and Nanoblading both offer fine hair strokes that look natural and true to life, but Nanoblading provides further precision and accuracy because it uses a tiny needle compacted together into an ultra fine point. The technique means we can create a more natural-looking brow shape because we can apply more accurate pressure and the pigment that is used is sheer and natural and comes in a wide array of beautiful shades.

What is Nanoblading?
After a patch test, at least 24 hours beforehand to ensure you aren’t allergic to the pigment, you’ll have a consultation to discuss the perfect eyebrow shape and colour for you. After that, your chosen shape is drawn on top of your brows so you can check it, before the treatment begins.

You’ll need two sessions, the second approximately four to eight weeks after the first, to achieve the finished look, but you’ll still be able to leave the first appointment with beautifully shaped brows that don’t look half-done.

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Here’s A Common Misconception!

‘Do you do the microblading? I’d rather that than the tattooing cause Microblading is Semi permanent!’

Ok public announcement here! Hold your horses! Stop the bus! Your getting it all wrong when it comes to all this muddled up info on tattooing and Microblading!

So let me CLEAR a few myths up here! If I had a pound for every time I’ve heard Microblading is semi-permanent, it fades in a year, and it’s not a tattoo I’d be a very rich woman!

Microblading, permanent cosmetics, semi-permanent makeup, permanent makeup, nanoblading, brow tattooing, are all exactly the same procedure with regards to the fact that they are all forms of Tattooing!

Each procedure just varies in the method used to apply the colour eg.. a hand tool and a blade is used to implant colour using the microblading method and a digital handpiece and needle is used to implant colour with the machine method. This is usually referred to as permanent make-up or any of the above.

Each method’s level of permanence depends on how skilled and experienced the PMU artist is. How deep they work determines how long the colour remains in the skin. It can take years to master this skill. All the above mentioned methods are permanent as they won’t wash off but semi-permanent in that they will fade over time, depending on lots of factors including skin type and sun exposure etc.


I met a woman in the nail salon the other day and her brows where, greyish/ black, a terrible shape and they had been microbladed. She was raving about how she had paid only £75 and that they would fade in a year, oh and that it wasn’t a tattoo! I had to hold my tongue as it angers me that technicians are carrying out brow tattooing and they don’t seem to realise that they are indeed ‘tattooing!’ Those brows ain’t going no where huni not even in 10 years! Not ever!

Certain clinics and technicians are giving out the wrong information, which is shocking! Bad brows are probably the least of your worries as they’re lack of knowledge means that infection control knowledge might seriously be lacking!

All the techniques mentioned can be done beautifully if the technician is experienced and skilled. I’ve seen the most beautiful microblading and the most beautiful machine work! Both methods have they’re place. I decided to use the machine as that’s what I initially trained on and I love its versatility. I’ve grown over the years and mastered my art. When clients message me and ask for microblading, I usually ask why they are attracted to that method and nine times out of ten it’s because they think it’s not a tattoo!

So when choosing to have your brows done I recommend choosing an artist based on the work they produce, don’t base it on the technique! Unless they are tattooing with their big toe it doesn’t matter! It’s the results you should look at, like choosing your own favourite painting or work of art!

I hope I’ve alleviated some confusion here, I feel I’ve got that off my chest! Mary Spence x

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Another Happy lady with brand new brows! It’s not just a case of getting new brows!

Ssimson Kkaran Recommends Million Dollar Brows by Mary Spence.

Ssimson Kkaran Recommends Million Dollar Brows by Mary Spence.
May 3 at 11:11 PM
Cannot recommend this talented lady enough, she has transformed my look due to her expertise and talents. I can’t stop looking at my eyebrows!
Looking forward to top up and great eyebrows for life, not just Xmas

Given the right shape, colour, width, thickness and brow placement, brows can dramatically change your appearance! Your friends will notice something different but won’t be able to tell it’s your brows! And that’s the way brows should be. They should sit in harmony with your face, they shouldn’t be the main focus when you walk down the street!

Karen’s brows required a tail lift which really opened the eye area and gave her a more fresh more youthful look.

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