Permanent Eyebrows Questions Answered. Mary Spence Explains Why Two Brow Treatments Are Needed In The First Instance//

Why Are Permanent Brows Done Over 2 Sessions?

Good afternoon guys! I just wanted to quickly answer your questions as to why it’s important to come for a second visit to get a top up once your brows have been done. The answer is quite simple, when you receive any kind of permanent make-up, it requires two sessions to complete the treatment. The first treatment session with permanent eyebrows is all about creating a new shape, customising the shade and implanting the colour. We then send you away to heal up.


It’s a lot like painting a wall in your house. When you paint a wall, you are chaining colour. When the wall is dry, it will always be slightly patchy and uneven in colour. This is the same principal as working with permanent make-up on your skin. Your immune system will be successful to a certain degree in getting rid of some of the new colour applied. So, like the wall in your house, you have to come back to the clinic for a second coat. Obviously, just like the wall in your house, there will be a bit more perfecting with your brow style and shade on your second visit. You may want your new brows to look a bit darker, lighter, thicker, or you may want to add a bit more here and a bit less there.


So, yes, permanent brows require two treatment sessions to complete your perfect new look! These sessions are usually always included in the overall price of the PMU treatment, something you should always check up on before booking into any clinic. Thank you for the questions and have a lovely afternoon! x.

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