Video Explaining Why Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos Are Painless And That’s Why Clients Mostly Fall Asleep Due To Minimal Discomfort!//

Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos Are Painless Mary Spence
Mary Spence Platinum Elite Permanent Make-up Technician Answers More Of Your Questions

Part 3 of the PMU Questions and answers video series.

In this video Mary Says: “One of the main questions we get asked at the MDB clinic in Paisley Glasgow, and an obvious concern for most clients is how painful is PMU? I am going to be completely honest here. Eyebrows are definitely the least painful cosmetic make-up treatments you can have. Each individual client has their own pain threshold and tolerance level.

We have have found and can honestly say that when our clients come the the clinic, most of the time they actually fall asleep and have a little nap! Once the eyebrow design and template drawing has been completed and we rub the initial numbing cream off, clients experience literally a painless scratching sensation. I can safely say that most clients go for a power nap.

It can takes a bit of time to implant your new eyebrow colour effectively and for us to be light on your skin and not go too deep. Years of experience has taught me how to tattoo your brows with very little pain or discomfort, infect, I challenge you to come to the clinic and not fall asleep while you are having perfect brows created, by your truly! Thank you for watching x

MDBrows Embraces Fabulous At 40 And Over

Mary here: As I reached the big 40 I decided that this would be the year and years to come (hopefully) that I’ll look and feel my best! When we get to 40 we’ve had enough time to mess about and know what suits us and what doesn’t!

I dreaded turning 40 but now I kinda love it. In your 30s you have no time with kids and work! But I’m your 40s you get a new lease of life!

And as a special gift to you all for being fabulous we are offering a FREE £50 off voucher if you book this month! So what are you waiting for ladies? Take 10 years off yourself with our amazing signature brows!
This lady pictured below did and look at the difference when we merge her before and after brows together!

Fabulous Signature Brows For This 40 Year Old Lady Mary Spence

 Here’s Why Everyone Is Talking About Profhilo

Have you all heard about Profhilo? The injectable moisturiser that everyone is talking about?

This before & after picture demonstrates how incredibly effective Profhilo is for combating skin laxity, whilst improving the whole appearance and texture of the treated area. This treatment is very effective on the face, neck, décolletage, hands and arms.

Book your free consultation and start your journey to more youthful, fresher, tighter, brighter and beautiful skin.

Check out this Profhilo work below. We just had to share these incredible results to show you how truly AMAZING Profhilo is!

Profhilo Neck Treatment Before & After


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