Mary Shoots Movie Demonstrating Her Signature Million Dollar Brows Technique For The PMU Link Team//

Mary Spence Filming Hairstroke Eyebrow Technique for PMU Link Team

Had the most fab day of filming whilst demonstrating my Hairstroke signature brows technique. Thank you to Barbara Cameron and Niaomi Waite for inviting me to share my tattooing techniques to all your aspiring Permanent make-up technicians. The filmed demonstartion was organised by and via the ‘PMU link’ (Facebook Page) Turns out I’m a bit of a natural at this filming malarky! I Pure loved it!


Day 2 Of Filming With The PMU Link Team


It was an honour to be asked to share my techniques with aspiring and fellow permanent make-up techs all over the UK! Via ‘The link’.

If you are an existing PMU artist or considering training in permanent make-up, then get subscribing to this amazing education platform, it’s full of amazing industry content every month!

PMU Link Featured Video:
What is VTCT & Training Centre Tips

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