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From Mary Spence – What an amazing surprise and great honour to find this out today whilst going about my domestic household chores! It turns out I am one of the PMU artists to be chosen by acclaimed Colour theory expert Marjorie Grimm. Chosen that is to have my brow images featured in her international ColorPro class in California. My eyebrow make-up images are to be used in her training material, how awesome is that? I can hear a Californian say!

Marjorie is only the author of one of the most renowned and respected permanent make-up text books ‘The Foundation of Fundamental Applications’. Marjorie’s classes are sought after worldwide by 1000’s of students and her expert training is regarded as one of the most important classes in the world of permanent cosmetic make-up. Simply put, if you do not attend and get trained by Marjorie herself you are a missing out on one of the most important steps in your permanent cosmetic make-up learning curves.

I am truly blown away by the fact that she will feature my eyebrow images and I feel very honoured to even be mentioned in her elite master-classes. These classes will have many up and coming PMU artists in attendance, seriously, I am speechless!, thank you Marjorie! x

More About Marjorie Grimm

Permanent Make-up Legend Marjorie Grimm Uses Mary Spence Eyebrow Pictures Image
Marjorie began her career in permanent cosmetics as far back as 1993, having been impressed with her hairdresser’s permanent eyeliner. This led her to seek out as much training and education in the PMU industry as possible, it was a very young industry back then. Since then and through an amazing career of ups and more ups, she is a member of CPCP, she holds the prestigious position as one of the most credentialed people in the permanent cosmetics industry.
As a past SPCP board member in 1999 and 2002, she was appointed President of the SPCP and served a two-year term from 2003-2005. Marjorie is the owner and operator of “Faces By Design”, offering technical permanent cosmetic services and permanent cosmetic classes in Santa Clara, California and the Seattle, Washington areas. Her services and quality classes are stated by many as being some of the best offered in the industry.

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Currently she is the ‘Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals’ publicist, pictured above and legislative consultant, the assistant editor for the SPCP Quarterly and a certified trainer and subject matter expert, or SME.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude and thanks to Marjorie for this great honour!


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