Lip Contouring Blush to Enhance The Shape Of Your Mouth And lips//

Permanent Lip Blush Lip Liner Glasgow By Million Dollar Brows Image

Lip Contouring Blush

Improve and enhance the shape of your lips with our ‘Lip Contouring Blush‘ treatment. The benefits of this treatment are visibly fabulous as soon as the procedure is finished! Having your lips properly contoured will give you much more of a defined mouth and lip line.  The lip contouring technique can make your face look years younger, yes just your lips sorted out and defined with the special contouring and blusher that we use will literally take years off your face. Our clients report that the lip contouring method has made them feel fantastic and given them an instant confidence boost.

Client’s Lips Before Lip Contouring Blush Treatment

Lip Contouring Blush Treatment Semi-permanent Lip Make-up by Mary Spence

The technique will also make you look very tastefully glamourous! After the lips are treated by us, you take over and can apply your favourite lip gloss to achieve the perfect finish you desire! ?

Client’s Lips After Lip Contouring Blush Treatment

Enhance the shape of your lips with Lip Contouring Blush

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