Kerry Stevenson Ups Her Lip Augmentation Skills And Gets Qualified By The Best Teachers In The Aesthetics Industry//

Skin Aesthetics Glasgow Kerry Stevenson

Our resident Aesthetics Nurse Kerry Stevenson has taken her Lip Augmentation skills and certification to the next level by completing her advanced Cannula Technique. As Kerry stated…’There was no other way to do it!’ She has just been trained by the very best in the industry, who also just happen to be the winners of the prestigious Aesthetics Awards 2017.


Clinetix run two clinics in Scotland. One in the West End of Glasgow at Hyndland and the other one in Bothwell Lanarkshire. Clinetix have won a number of awards for excellence including the ‘Best Clinic UK’ and the ‘Best Clinic Scotland’. The award winning team of technicians started the official Aesthetic Training Academy in Glasgow’s city centre last year. The academy has already received it’s own accolades. The ATA provides aesthetics students with high quality, detailed and accredited training in aesthetic medical procedures. So, yes, we are very pleased here at MDB that Kerry has been trained by the best indeed, we like to wish her a huge congratulations on her elite level training completion!

Gorgeous Lip Augmentations By Kerry Stevenson

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Double Chin Fat Removal With Fat Freezing
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Skin Aesthetics Glasgow By Kerry Stevenson

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