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Get Natural Looking Brows That Will Last Years

How natural do these permanent brows look? Natural perfection is what we aim for and the results are constantly delighting the clients. Our client pictured below is showing the before and after results. She even had a tiny beauty spot to compliment the whole look with her new brows.

Natural Looking Brows Before & After

Here’s another view of these completely natural looking hairstroke brows, worthy of your attention!. People can never tell the difference and since these new brows are crafted to perfection, you will find they prefer these perfect hairstrokes to the ‘do it yourself’ look that you struggle to perfect at home. A little bit of redness in this picture as it’s immediately after the hairstroke tattooing with the micro needles. This will vanish and heal up very quickly. A little bit red, but after all, a small price to pay for these beautiful new hairstroke eyebrows!


Featured Testimonial

Sophie McLellan Million Dollar Brows Testimonial

Lovely Testimonial By Sophie McLellan On Her New Million Dollar Brows

I traveled from Newcastle (Mar 7th) to get my brows done by Mary and… Wow! The experience and result was absolutely amazing!! I was quite nervous to have them done as it ended up being a huge change but I honestly wouldn’t of wanted anyone else but Mary to help me make that decision. I already feel a thousand times more confident in myself which is a fantastic feeling to have. Mary was so lovely and made me feel really at ease throughout the whole process. I am so so happy with the results and it’s only been 3 days. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to get their brows done, to go to Mary. All of the staff are lovely and friendly and I couldn’t of had a nicer experience. I can’t wait for my colour boost next month.

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