Mary Explains The Importance Of Permanent Make-up And Brows Colour Boosts Or Top Ups//

Colour Boosting Permanent Brows Is Important
In this explainer video MaryΒ emphasizes the importance of getting your permanent eyebrows and permanent make-up colour boosts done after certain lengths of time. This keeps your PMU looking fresh and vibrant.

Mary Says; “Morning guys, Mary Spence here just doing a little video explainer presentation on why you need annual colour boosts, colour refreshes or colour top ups.

These terms pretty much mean the same thing. For example, today at the million dollar brows clinic, we have lots of ladies who have come into see us today who have returned 6 months, year or 18 months after their initial permanent brows treatment. It is really important to come and get your colour boost after a certain time since this keeps your permanent make-up and brows vibrant and maintains the colour the way it should be.

Sometimes your permanent make-up colour will change over time due to lots of different factors. Whether it’s environmental, internal or perhaps it’s the brand of face cream you use which can make the colour fade a little bit quicker.”

“So, when you come back to the MDB clinic for your colour boost appointment, it enables me to assess the colour condition of your permanent make-up and brows. I can then make an informed judgement and proceed with your colour top up.

As you can see, it’s very important to come back to us for your colour boost. This will keep your brows and PMU in pristine condition and always look gorgeous, going forward! Thank you and have a fabulous day, Mary x”


So Make Being A Super Woman That Wee Bit Easier By Having Your Brows Done

We are great at multitasking us ladies! we are also someone’s mum, we are someone’s wife or partner! We go to the gym we organise, we clean we cook, we listen we give advise, we are business women we rise up to the challenge everyday and we try our god damn best to look good whilst doing it!

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