Rescuing And Reviving Bad And Tired Old Brows With Hair-strokes//


Example pictures above and below of how we revive tired old brows with a new shape and some new hair strokes. This lady sky dives as a hobby! Gives you a thrill in your Stomach just thinking about that, she must be very brave! At least her brows are one less thing to worry about!


Fixing And Saving Badly Done Permanent Brows

Today we saved these brows pictured below. This lady had her semi-permanent brows work carried out previously by another technician. We are not judgemental in these instances, we don’t need to be, it was the client herself who asked if we could work our magic and fix what was obviously sub-standard eyebrow tattooing work. We set to it, thickened and improved the shape of the brow and brought it back to our Million Dollar Signature brows standard. The lady was delighted!


Do your brows stop at little to short?Β Don’t worry we can improve your brows with the use of subtle hair-strokes. This will Β correct the length and width of the brow and add super definition, yet keep the natural groomed look.


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