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Are You Worried That Cosmetic Tattooing Is Painful?

You may well be asking yourself why and how can it be possible that Permanent Make-up is reported as not being a painful procedure. That is, reviews and customer feedback time and again clearly demonstrate that the treatment is not even near half as painful as people would expect it to be? But it’s a tattoo isn’t it? people say. When compared to the frequent reports of extreme pain experienced during regular or other tattooing methods, this is understandable. Traditional sharpened Bamboo stick tattooing in remote Thailand villages comes to mind, AYA!. Closer to home, customers at the local tattoo parlour do seem to report being in utter agony when they’ve had their, ‘Mum & Dad’ tattoo done by the resident artist.

So how come PMU can be a pain free a procedure? It simply comes down to the fact that a platinum level cosmetic make-up technician is someone who is highly skilled and trained in the finest form of tattooing, called microblading, that’s technicians like us. We work with a very experienced and skilled hand that enables us to provide clients with the least painful tattooing techniques available.

Every Set Of Brows We Create Is Like A Work Of Art. We Work Extra Hard To Bring You The Best Pain Free Brows!


Often when a client comes to the clinic for their first free consultation, they will say, ‘Omg, I’m not brave enough! A tattoo on my face? that must be soooo painful!’ But it’s not! Here’s why; Working at the micro level we need literally scratch only the surface of the skin. We don’t dig in deep under the skin and we can see the working area being tattooed enlarged 10 fold. This allows us to be focused right in on the smallest of details. Unlike some inexperienced technicians, with us having the latest state of the art microblading equipment and many years of skin know how, we are able to work on a shallow layer of skin. This ensures the client experiences minimal discomfort. We also use an industry best and very effective topical anaesthetic which works wonders to maximize comfort for our clients.

We could write all day trying to convince people of the pain free methods used in our permanent make-up treatments, but the easiest thing to do is to have you listen to our client’s video testimonial below. You might just hear her mention there was no pain or discomfort and you’ll see she actually laughs about how she nearly dozed off during her Hair-stroke brows treatment, Pretty reassuring stuff!

Client Anne’s Reassuring Testimonial Video

Now You Are Fear Free And Pain Free

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