If You Have Suffered From A Bad PMU Experience These Corrected And Now Healed Brows Will Restore Your Faith In Our Craft!//


‘Have No Fear We Can Save And Correct Your Eyebrows!’

We often hear of people taking the cheaper option to have cosmetic make-up! There are a few important things to consider when choosing to have a permanent procedure on your face!

We’ve been hearing lots of conflicting info and we feel we need to clarify some things.
Firstly always research who’s doing your procedure, always ask for HEALED images of the technicians work, as it takes years of skill to achieve good healed up eyebrow results.

On top of the picture below you can see awful looking healed brows, a direct result from poor PMU work.

Impressive, immediately after treatment pics will look different to the finally healed brows. Bottom row right shows an immediately after pic of our brows and on the bottom left, there’s a pic of our healed brows! You can clearly see the brows still look beautiful. It’s years of skill and refining of our techniques that achieve these beautiful healed results.


We see bad eyebrow work like this frequently and it baffles us as to why people would take such a silly risk with how their face will appear going forward! As you can see there is a huge difference between ‘Special Offer £99 Brows’ and the skilled work of an elite level PMU technician!

‘Cheap’ and ‘Tattooing’ are words that should never be used in the same sentence! Especially in regards to your face. Be very careful!

We hear people making the mistake of believing that Microblading is Semi-permanent, NO TECHNIQUE is semi-permanent! permanent make-up, semi-permanent, microblading it’s all tattooing! It’s permanent because it won’t just wash off, but it is semi-permanent because it will fade and will require maintenance. The real skill in all permanent cosmetics is in the hands of the talented technicians carrying out the treatment. You should choose your brow technician purely on how good their work is… and that’s it in a nut shell! Have a fab day! MDB Team

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